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Carole Bleistein Art Blog

Paintings are like children

by CKB1 , November 9, 2007—12:00 AM

Topics: brush, collage, fantasy, organic, paper, red, reeds, salmon

As November begins I think about my painting Simply Salmon. It has been on exhibit at The Cornell Museum in Delray Beach Florida as part of the National Collage exhibit. It is a work that embodies some of what makes the Northwest special. We do have an amazing salmon population. We love good fish to eat and love to watch them. There are rivers here that turn red with spawning salmon this time of year and it is an amazing ruby experience. I wonder if the people in Florida, with their tropical ways could understand this painting. Either way I was happy the honorble jury choose it to be part of the exhibit. Always an honor to be part of such a distinguished annual event. So if it has not sold my salmon painting will return to me like the spawning salmon of the Northwest return to their home rivers. That seems fitting to me. Each painting I work on comes from a special place inside and is truly like a child. I look at, set it aside, then work again, watch it progress until I know it is done. Introducing it to the public is exciting and nerve racking. I actually don't care if anyone likes it, I certainly paint the paintings to please myself, however if someone does like it then that is an added bonus. When they are brand new it is hard to part with them. As soon as it is exhibited I know there is a chance it will sell and leave my studio for ever. It is part of the circle of an artists life and sometimes a hard one. Some paintings I develop a love hate relationship with and I am glad to see them go. Others become part of my private collection as I just can not sell them. It is always a joy to hear from a client that they still love their painting and enjoy it each and every day. Of course that is the perfect ending to something painstakingly created, for it to find a home with someone who really enjoys it. However that is when I as the mother artist must distance myself from it and move towards my latest works. It is like letting go of a bad marriage and embracing a new lover. As an artist it is my quirky way of dealing with letting them go. Just as difficult as letting children grow and move away.




  Carole Bleistein ( homepage )

01/15/2008 * 19:24:02

You are so right. thanks for your thoughts. I guess as artists our job is to keep painting and not to worry about the travels of our work. Hoping that they go out and find a home or a spot on a wall that brings pleasure to others or makes them think.


  Michael Mize ( homepage )

01/12/2008 * 18:10:39

I couldn't agree more with your analogy here. It's a strange thing to pour so much of yourself into an object, knowing that one day you will have to part with it and likely never see it again. For me it becomes an exercise in faith, knowing that my role is simply to make the paintings, the rest is out of my hands.

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