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Cindy Morawski Art Blog

Painting a Desert Landscape

by cindymorawski , July 8, 2009—12:00 AM

Topics: Pastels, Soft, in, landscapes, painting, used

"After the Rains" --- Painting a Desert Landscape

I'm still in love. With New Mexico that is. My May trip involved sightseeing, hiking, and lots of art connections in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos. One of my stops took me to the Botanical Gardens in Albuquerque. I photographed the various landscape scenes while strolling through the place. When I came home, I used my Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 computer program to build a collage of images. Once I created the composition with the program, I then set up my studio and supplies. I started by underpainting my sketch with alcohol and pastels using a brush. I also used a Colourfix Painting Board by Art Spectrum and my soft pastels to paint the desert landscape. While painting, I listened to a CD that I purchased when I was in NM. The title is "Prayer for Peace" and it includes various Native American artists. I'd definitely recommend the CD; the music is relaxing and beautiful, plus the sales of the recording benefit the World Peace Prayer Society.

I guess, rain has been on my mind ever since I returned home to San Antonio. We're heading into stage 3 of water restrictions because we're in the midst of a nasty drought and very hot weather. Thinking about the way Mother Nature's rains heal and resurrect the land, inspired me to paint "After the Rains." My painting is about hope. I hope the rains will come soon to Texas. With rain, there is life and beauty, whether it's in the desert, in the woods, or elsewhere.



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