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Cindy Aune Art Blog

Playing The Tunes

by cindyaune , March 28, 2012—09:36 PM

Topics: Acrylic mixed media, Musical figurative subject, Original art by Cindy…

Finally, finally, I discovered the error of my photography skills. I read and followed all the tips and tricks. I made a backdrop, moved the canvas, used the sunlight correctly, bought a new camera, paid photographers yada yada yada...but whites were still washed out or the color tones were wrong. I did not want to depend on photoshop, as I think you can tell. Finally, my friend suggested using the manual shutter speed setting. Amazing...instant success. Notice the bright true colors and no washed out areas of this piece. Yay, I can now post images that are close to the real thing. I realize everyone but me, probably already knew this, but for the one person who might not know....try the manual shutter setting if your color tones are washed out or your white areas glare.



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