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Cindy Aune Art Blog

Bird Installiation

by cindyaune , February 13, 2012—12:00 AM

Topics: Acrylic mixed media, Original art by Cindy…, bird art, installiation art, large scale art

In the past three years I decided to become an active member of the art community in my home town. It has been rather enjoyable. I always worked out of town, never participating in local events. I have attached my latest installation. It is a four foot by four foot bird canvas with an eight foot cedar tree and three foot stump. I have enjoyed combining different natural elements and my canvas art. Next month I am showing "a chair in the air". It is a painted chair mounted on a nine foot pole. Check back to see an image or subscribe to my art newsletter. It actually has become great fun to simple create something. I like for my work to sell, but I have finally realized that I like to create what I see in my heart and head.



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