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by Chrono1209 , January 23, 2009—12:31 AM

Topics: vicarious dragon fantasy…

Just finished this painting after a few long nights...

its a metaphor about the pressures on girls and women in society these day and how dangerous that pressure can be sometimes. we all watch but dont do anything... anyways check it out please!! i set the price pretty high because i dont really wanna let go of this one




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

01/24/2009 * 16:03:44

Are you going to use this as a competition piece? If so, that is still another reason to keep a price on it that will keep buyers at a distance until it has a chance to make its full impact. (I haven't checked yet to see if I feel your prince is "pretty high" in my own estimation.


  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

01/23/2009 * 12:36:28

This is one powerful image and well done. I don't blame you for wanting to hang onto it for a while, it's not ready to do away from you yet.

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