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David Patel About

I like to paint and swim. Thats all there is to know about me! Add Comment


I was born in Westwood, New Jersey on February 11,1988. I only lived there for maybe a month and then my family and I moved to Pleasonton, California which is a small town close to San Fransisco. In 1992, when i was about 4, we moved to San Diego which is where i grew up and still live to this day.

I have been drawing all my life but really got into it during my freshman year at Rancho Bernardo High School. My animation teacher suggested that I start going to figure drawing workshops at a studio he also went to in downtown San Diego under an artist named Jaqueline Nicolini (then Jaqueline Gold). After I graduated, I went to Laguna College of Art and Design but unfortunately I wasn't impressed with the student or faculty work and ended up only staying there for about a semester and a half. After that i went to a local community college called Palomar College which is where i still go today. There, I mainly study under figure painter Michael Steirnagle and illustrator Chris Polentz. There are many artists that i admire including Bouguereau, Sorollo and Norman Rockwell to name a few.

Aside from painting a lot, I also do caricatures at parties and theme parks (mostly the Wild Animal Park). I also swim and lift weights a lot.


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