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Christina Babb Art Blog

Welcome to my art and life blog

by ChristinaBabb , April 10, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: love, peace, spring

Greetings to all those who would take some time to view my art. I hope you'll join me in celebrating my first fore into sharing my art with the world via this "artid" website. I welcome all questions and comments about art, or anything at all. I've titled this my 'art and life blog' because I cannot imagine life without art. They are intertwined.

I hope you can find joy and peace within my work, and in the beauty of those things around you. Spring time is a good time to be renewed with a sense of purpose, wonder, and fortitude. I am working on improving my organization, clarity, and goal setting this Spring. How about you?

I will post new work as soon as I have some. I have just started to try collage and mixed media, and find it really exciting.

I hope you will check out my 'favorite links' and and I would love to see your favorite art links too. Artistic expression, in all it's forms, are something uniquely personal. No one else can see the world through your eyes, interpret it, and express it like you do. I encourage you to enjoy this freedom of expression.

With Peace and Love, Christina




  Scott ( homepage )

04/11/2011 * 06:20:13

Hey Christina way to go!!! I'll be checking out your blog. Best of luck!!
Love the abstracts!

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