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by childrensartwalk , March 2, 2008—12:00 AM

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Kids succeed through Art.

Children's Art-Walk is right in the middle of it's 4th 10 week session. We have now had over 70 children through the program. We have learned that we need to keep the class size small... 6 children to 3 volunteers. We have also provided the children with another opportunity to succeed. Each child has the option to give back to Art-Walk a percentage of their painting's sale price (20 have sold so far). The range of donation percentage is from 0% to 100%. On average the kid's give back 30%. They are learning to give...maybe the biggest success of all!

Through this and other innovative means we are now returning more than $1.30 for each donor $1.00 directly to the children in the form of materials...Yes...Negative overhead! With our next innovation (stay tuned) we expect to become fully self-funding. In this Children's Art-Walk is trying to emulate what some other charity organizations have done...(see Paul Newman).

We also have our first big Art show coming up. Forty paintings exclusively by the children. It will be at the Bee's Knees restaurant in Augusta Ga. The owners have kindly donated the space, Tapas, and Libations for the over 100 people we hope will show their support. Additionally, the owner of the Frame Works of Augusta Ga. is providing all the frames (for 40 paintings). Next time you are in Augusta try the Bee's Knees on 10th, and look at the wonderful pottery across the street at the Frame Works. The Metro Spirit also had a nice write up about us in advance of the show. This will be one of four shows that we are doing this year. The next one will be at the Morris Museum of Art in Augusta, and four Artists will be submitting paintings to the undercover artist Auction to the benefit of the Walton Rehabilitation Hospital in Augusta.

We are readying ourselves to make our next hyper-growth jump (the last one was 400%). Several children's educational and care organizations have begun to take notice, and we will be evaluating which move is of most benefit to the kids. There are now 17 active volunteers. Pretty soon there will be 40 volunteers, if we grow as expected. High School Students, Graduate Students, Jr. Leaguers, retired business people, doctors, Community administrators of all ages have taken on the Mission...Kids Succeed through Art. Thanks for the support of the Artid family. Remember, if you have a desire to give back in this way, and you want our help, then contact us.



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