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News From Children's Art-Walk

by childrensartwalk , December 3, 2007—12:00 AM

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Hello Friends of Children's Art-Walk (CAW) We are just closing out our most recent 12 week session at Heritage Academy in Augusta. The academy has moved to its newly renovated, beautiful school in Old-Town Augusta. The staff and leadership team at Heritage have once again provided an environment for our Mission to the Children to thrive. We are teaching four classes per week, each class having ca. 8 children. We have a lead teacher, and 1 - 2 support teachers, and a Junior League helper in each class. The "Socratic Dialogue" we are trying to create with and among the children requires loving, caring, and interested(ing) people...who do not judge the children, but encourage them to think creatively and "play" around with the possibilities of painting. As you can imagine, we had a lot on our hands at the beginning of the session, and prayed in order to contain our worry about the significant growth jump we were taking. We had to buy many more materials than before(and we almost had enough, except for 240 more canvases, and three tubes of blue paint). We had to be sure that the volunteers understood and were committed to our Mission (we created a one pager that described the entire program and the 6 Success points we want the children to experience). We had to work with the school to schedule the children (we had some hick-ups with that, but had them ironed out by the 3rd or 4th class). We had one teacher working to teach more collaborative painting (getting the children to work on projects together...Duality is a result of that class). We even had to deal with allergies to the Water Soluble Paints we use. Once again Mark Shaefer, our Chief Volunteer and Executive Director carried the load, and I was able to teach one class again. The children were/are amazing. They just soaked it up. I know that we had kids who went through some real difficulties in trying to create paintings...even to the point of crying, or giving up. It is these kids who had the most profound experiences. They learned to work through adversity and succeed. Other children had other success experiences. Our funding is again taken care of for the next session by some of the volunteers, some of you who have made donations, and the sales proceeds of my own paintings...of which enough were sold to cover us for two more sessions! yeah.... We get what we need! We are not going to expand the program yet, because we have not really worked diligently on finding our next partner school (organization). We will reach out during the next session to some of those who have made inquiries. The folks at ArtId, have given us a webspace for free. They have also written a feature article on us, for the members, and are looking for ways to help our cause. Thanks to them for their efforts. We have two "shows" coming up: First, at Dr. C. Shaefer's offices in the Building 2, 4C of the University Hospital complex starting Jan, 2 2008. Second, starting in late January at the Bee's Knee's a fabulous Restaurant on 10th Street in down town Augusta. Each child will enter a painting in the show. If you click into you will see some of the latest paintings...The "Duality" Abstract has been purchased, and "Tigerrrrrrrr" has also been purchased. Last evening someone purchased "Psychedelic Wrasse" right from the Artid site. As agreed, all proceeds go back to the individual painters. In the next session we will be asking the young painters who sell a painting to "give back", thereby creating another "self-funding" source for CAW, and an opportunity for the kids to learn "giving". You can click right through to from our website by clicking on the childrens paintings. Also please be aware that clicking through our store to and buying your art-supplies that way, gives us another self funding source...namely 7% of your purchase, which goes right back to the kids. We still don't have our own facility (The "Bible Beater's Studio) at the school. I think the construction people are trying to get the cost to an acceptable level. We have already raised $20,000 toward the estimated construction cost of $30,000. Thanks to my brothers in faith: the Bible Beaters. We are planning to get the next session (again 32 kids) going in January. We are just about ready to start the process again, but first we are going to do our regular Quality Review, in order to find ways to improve. Regards and Thanks for your support. Bruce




  Susan Jamjoum

12/05/2007 * 16:35:55

So much thought,effort, direction,caring and talent have gone into this wonderful undertaking.I commend your faith and aspirations. Best wishes for your inevitable success

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