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Childrens Art Walk Art Blog

Story of Success

by childrensartwalk , November 8, 2007—11:30 AM

Topics: charity, donating, kids

The Art-Walk mission is to help kids succeed...what does that look like? I will try to describe it.

Destin started painting a Tiger. He forget the 6 steps, and went right to step 4(block in the shapes) from step 1(decide what you will paint). He had missed step 2(lay out the roadmap of shapes) and Step 3(paint the brightest shape and the darkest shape). The result was that Destin had become discouraged and was crying, and saying "I can't paint..." I told him to finish his crying, and when he was done to let me know. He called me a little while later, and I was able to help him remember the 6 steps, and he went back to work, this time not forgetting any steps. His next step was a pretty happy occasion in which he stood up and explained to the other kids with a great smile on his face what he had done. At home later, he told his father that he could paint afterall!

For us the important learning was that he worked through his inner barriers, and finished a painting on his own...That's SUCCESS! for us.




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