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by childrensartwalk , October 27, 2007—11:23 AM

Topics: charity, donating, kids

Dear Fellow Painters;

After the great introduction by Maria, and the generous gift of a free site, we at Children's Art-Walk wanted to announce a really beautiful way in which you all could support us. We have become an affiliate of, a discount on-line art supply dealer. If you go through our site you get not only MrArt's great pricing, but you also contribute 7% of your purchase to Children's Art-Walk. All of the funds we recieve go 100% directly to the kids. The cost of the 10 week program is $100/child including an easle. So if you purchase paint, or any other supply, you can help us, without it costing you anything!

Also, we have sold three children's paintings right off the site, and we are having a show in Augusta in December.

This Fall we grew our program by a factor of 6 times, and by New year, we hope to double the number of children we serve again.

Thanks in advance for your support. Bruce



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