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Social Responsibiliy

by childrensartwalk , March 2, 2008—12:00 AM

Topics: charity, donating, kids

Kids succeed through Art. Children's Art-Walk is right in the middle of it's 4th 10 week session. We have now had over 70 children through the program. We have learned that we need to keep the class size small... 6 children to 3 volunteers. We have also provided the children with another opportunity to succeed. Each child has the option to give back to Art-Walk a percentage of their painting's sale price (20 have sold so far). The range of donation percentage is from 0% to 100%. On average the kid's give back 30%. They are learning to give...maybe the biggest success of all! Through this and other innovative means we are now returning more than $1.30 for each donor $1.00 directly to the children in the form of materials...Yes..… Continue reading… 0 comments

News From Children's Art-Walk

by childrensartwalk , December 3, 2007—12:00 AM

Topics: charity, donating, kids

Hello Friends of Children's Art-Walk (CAW) We are just closing out our most recent 12 week session at Heritage Academy in Augusta. The academy has moved to its newly renovated, beautiful school in Old-Town Augusta. The staff and leadership team at Heritage have once again provided an environment for our Mission to the Children to thrive. We are teaching four classes per week, each class having ca. 8 children. We have a lead teacher, and 1 - 2 support teachers, and a Junior League helper in each class. The "Socratic Dialogue" we are trying to create with and among the children requires loving, caring, and interested(ing) people...who do not judge the children, but encourage them to think creatively and "play" around with the possibilities of painting… Continue reading… 1 comment

Story of Success

by childrensartwalk , November 8, 2007—11:30 AM

Topics: charity, donating, kids

The Art-Walk mission is to help kids succeed...what does that look like? I will try to describe it. Destin started painting a Tiger. He forget the 6 steps, and went right to step 4(block in the shapes) from step 1(decide what you will paint). He had missed step 2(lay out the roadmap of shapes) and Step 3(paint the brightest shape and the darkest shape). The result was that Destin had become discouraged and was crying, and saying "I can't paint..." I told him to finish his crying, and when he was done to let me know. He called me a little while later, and I was able to help him remember the 6 steps, and he went back to work, this time not forgetting any steps… Continue reading… 0 comments

Support Children's Art-Walk

by childrensartwalk , October 27, 2007—11:23 AM

Topics: charity, donating, kids

Dear Fellow Painters; After the great introduction by Maria, and the generous gift of a free site, we at Children's Art-Walk wanted to announce a really beautiful way in which you all could support us. We have become an affiliate of, a discount on-line art supply dealer. If you go through our site you get not only MrArt's great pricing, but you also contribute 7% of your purchase to Children's Art-Walk. All of the funds we recieve go 100% directly to the kids. The cost of the 10 week program is $100/child including an easle. So if you purchase paint, or any other supply, you can help us, without it costing you anything! Also, we have sold three children's paintings right off the site, and we are having a show in Augusta in December… Continue reading… 0 comments