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Cheryl Knox About

I share my sunny North Carolina art studio with numerous foster cats. We all have tons of fun doing beautiful pastel landscapes, stained glass, and most of all, creating jewelry. There is no shortage of new "toys" to play with when we go to the jewelry design drawing board! The lampwork beads I choose come from true fine artists who have mastered the medium and it is their livelyhood. I thoroughly enjoy discovering and supporting other artists, and search the world over for the most divine beads. I love the hunt as much as I love composing the pieces. Add Comment


Artist Statement for Cheryl Knox

My primary creative interests are nurtured through stained glass, pastel landscapes, jewelry, and the camera.

My pastel images are usually of ethereal landscapes, from my imagination. They are often of a place where I'd like to be at that time or of a place I fondly remember.

The frames I use for them are made from salvaged wood from structures destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, an awesome discovery. The authentic colors, uniqueness, reward of preserving of a bit of history-someone's life or past-and using these in a work of art, completes the creative circle for me. Of course, I also use traditional frames for pastels, but there is compelling beauty with the Katrina frames.

Stained glass is a beautiful medium with endless creative potential. My stained glass images break with convention by incorporating beveled glass and Swarovski crystals into the designs, along with endless varieties of colored glass with their different reflective properties.

These add another aesthetic dimension to a sunlit glass design in a window: cascades of rainbows dancing across a room. The interaction of sunlight and incandescent lighting with stained glass works is spellbinding to me.

Creating jewelry, as a "component" artist, is an immensely enjoyable pursuit through an addictive and satisfying medium. It is an outgrowth of my working with crystals and stained glass and is an increasingly expansive and idea-provoking craft for me.

Whether working with pastel landscapes, stained glass, photography, or jewelry, my goal is to make an original and imaginative composition the most exciting, elegant, sometimes whimsical, work of art possible to ensure it remains a timeless investment.


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