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My husband loves business and dabbles every chance he gets. I asked God, don't you have something for me? He gave me beaded belts. I love making them and I have absoluely no attachment to them when they are done, so they must be meant for you to buy. I hope you enjoy the belts as much as I enjoy making them. I make them 1 at a time they take a week to make. The cords are of nylon coated steel. I made a loom so I could make the belts as long as they needed to be. The backing is canvas, the belts are expandable. Other buckles besides the two D rings or rectangular rings and clasping hook can be used with them. I typically make them 36 inches long and about 1.85 inches wide. I use size 8 glass seed beads. Any resemblance to American Indian belts is coincidental. For example, argile looks much like American Indian Art, but American indian art is not my intent. Historical quilting, knitting, woven fabric design, tile, carpet old world European patterns and the like are what inspire my designs. Cheryl Add Comment



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