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by CeltFire , May 8, 2008—03:12 PM

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I have got my painting done for the Verdigris Valley art show here in town. It's a small artshow and there are some pretty good paintings, mostly on a Kansas theme you see some on tornadoes, one looked like a scene from The Wizard of Oz, a lot of farmland and cattle pictures and things like that. This show is good in once respect that you can really see the difference between a serious artist and a hobbyiest. My Green Man and Fairy painting was entered last year, this year I have a 16by20 of a fairy tree. I wish I got a photo of it but I don't have time, I have to turn the picture in tomorrow. The next one I'm doing is a green man type only I'm making him look more like a wizard. The greenman I have seen is always a face with leaves and of course it's green. I want to work out different greenman motifs. I will go as far as doing it in red and orange. WHy not? Or a purple and indigo with white. Lots of ideas in my mind now.




  ArtId Staff ( homepage )

05/09/2008 * 10:25:37

I love the whole green man motif, I have many around the house, mostly clay tile or castings I bought in the UK. It's such an intriguing and mysterious archetype I'd love to see some in color variations.

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