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A Winner?

by CeltFire , April 21, 2008—03:13 PM

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This is an entry for Artist's Magazine's contest. Its a leafy sea dragon. I wasn't going to enter into this contest because I do fantasy and they are looking for more contemporary works but they do have an animal catagory. When I was bleary eyed and messing with a fussy baby the idea came to me of a leafy sea dragon. I drew it but I knew the 'frons' of the leafy sea dragon were not right so I searced for a good picture online and found one that showd the whole body of one with all the fronds showing. I have someone who is interested in buying it already, only the painting isn't dry yet. It's why I don't have it posted. I don't know if I will win, would be nice though. I'm hoping for at least an honerable mention then I would have a chance of being spotlighted in their magazine. Let me know what you think of it? I love comments.



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