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by CeltFire , April 4, 2008—03:11 PM

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The greenman oak I have on this site was submitted to another art site, one called epilogue which deals with high quality fantasy and sci-fi art. Last week I got a rejection. This site only puts up high quality art and when you submit stuff it has to be checked out first. My greenman oak was unrefined and not enough detail. At this point I don't know if I will change Greenman oak or not. If it doesn't sell here then I will take it off and work on it. I won't work on it till I have it worked out in my head how to go about fixing it. I have a more detailed work in mind for that particular site. Greenman oak was more of an experiment with color combinations. I like working impressionism but it doesn't work well when it comes to illustrative art that is on epilogue. I'll just keep painting and see what happens.




  Julie Akeman ( homepage )

04/11/2008 * 15:35:47

That is exactly what I will do. I also had a thought of making a second one but using a different color scheme. I got some new paints and am using a new color for me, Indigo ohhhh love it. I'm using it to fix a rather ugly painting of mine I did years ago. THIS is why I love oils, I can always go back and change the colors.


  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

04/06/2008 * 18:37:06

I think you should leave the painting up here and see what happens. Unless you become personally discontent with it leave it alone, and target another new work for the other site. It seems to me that you received a valuable critique toward exactly what they are looking for in case you want to create specifically with them in mind.

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