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Julie Akeman Art Blog

New Art

by CeltFire , March 26, 2008—03:23 PM

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I have been busy with other projects and am now getting back to this site. I'm going to try to blog once a week on here about my art. My new piece here is pretty interesting but not as dramatic as my first greenman. Still I was playing with color combinations. Since I can't afford to do bigger paintings I am buying smaller canvases and working on my art that way. If someone likes my painting they can get it at a reasonable price. I know the economy is not doing too well but I hope art can offer a bit of hope and thinking towards a better future. Anyway my green man is one of many I will be working with. I like the subject and I have a drawing I have been working on for an Illustrators of the Future contest and later I will translate that drawing into another greenman painting. I love the color combination of green and purple. Purple is becoming my favorite color. I use dioxizine purple. I haven't tried any other type yet. I like the dioxizine.



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