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Julie Akeman Art Blog

Sea Kelpie

by CeltFire , April 16, 2011—12:00 AM

Topics: Celtic, Monster, blue, fantasy, green

Green and blue Kelpie riding the waves on the edge of a stormy sea. I have framed this painting for the art contest. Couldn't help but noticed the structure was warped but the kind workers at Hobby Lobby's frame shop nail gunned it in for me. This is one of the paintings going into the Verdigris Valley Art Exhibition here in Independence Kansas. The first time I painted this thing it was flat and the tail was on the other side of the creature and you could barely see it. I love oils because they let you paint over your mistakes. I layered over brighter colors by Lukas oil paint. I think what I painted on before was Grumbacher but some of the old paint was student grade which has low pigment, but I didn't understand the difference back then.

This baby is looking really good. A water Kelpie is a creature from Scotch Irish legend, a sea monster. Mine is very Equine. It is framed in a nice black frame that sets off the picture, one corner of the frame is a little chipped which irritated me when I found it. I like perfect frames but I got it half off at Hobby Lobby.



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