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Julie Akeman Art Blog

Epona almost done

by CeltFire , April 6, 2011—03:33 PM

Topics: fantasy, works in progress

I have two weeks to get Epona in shape and the more I work on it the more work there IS on it! But it's really shaping up and is going to look pretty good. I can't wait to get a pic of it to post on here. I am also working on a smaller painting on a 9by12 gesso board and that one is going well. It's a dragon that is green and surrounded by small green hills and a lone traveller is standing on it's back. The dragon has his eye open and is looking up with a smile. IT's a piece inspired by that moment in Dragonheart when the monk is unknowingly sitting atop the dragon's head. I think this was the first time I have seen a dragon camoflage itself that way. Oh I remember Elliot from Pete's Dragon but that was still different. The wings on this dragon looks really good, more realistic than the ones on some older dragon paintings I've done.



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