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Julie Akeman Art Blog

Lady of the Loch

by CeltFire , March 2, 2011—06:47 PM

Topics: Celtic, Monster, fantasy, purple

I know it's been a LONG time since I last blog but that is going to change. I have left my job at the library I was working at and am doing my art full time which means for me at least one painting a day or two days and they are the 11by14's or the 9by12's panels. My Lady of the Loch painting is a nine by 12 panel. I want to switch to panel for it's durability, the humidity here is Kansas has warped a couple of my canvases though most of the others are fine save for a few that were stretched by myself at which point I decided to just buy canvas.

Selling art is precarious but I am trying Etsy and I can afford that and maybe later I can upgrade here but at least I have a blog to come to. and I will be doing art journaling to show my process. I pulled out a lot of notepaper I had scribbled on about my art ideas, used to do this a lot when I was a cashier and bored out of my skull. I joined a artistic journaling group that meets at my library. It's a very small group and I hope we get more people in. I wish our town was more artsy.

I do need an income so me and my husband have got a plan, being party crafters and having people hire us to entertain the kids, or even have other groups like teens, gettogethers showers, girls night in, whatever. You get to learn a basic craft like beading, jewlery making or something and you keep what you make. It's interesting and a lot of people liked our idea. so I hope for the best, we are still working on our prices and party packages right now.



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