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by CeltFire , September 10, 2010—12:00 AM

Topics: blue, dragon, green

Azul is the spanish word for blue, I made the name a spinoff of the sound, Azool. Mini painting of a dragon with a bad attitude! Would make a charming addition to a dragon collection.

It has been awhile since I have done a dragon painting. This started as a sketch I did in my sketchbook as I was writing out my art goals, which to be honest I forgot because I haven't been looking at that page! But I did decide to make it into a painting and I think it looks cute dispite the menacing look this dragon has. The name just came up when I was thinking of what to call it. My 3 soon to be four year old watches Dora alot and knows her colors in Spanish and English but still doesn't talk in sentences really. But I know azul is the spanish for blue so I did Azool. The sound also reminds me of Gostbusters with Zool.

A short update on the Epona I'm doing, it's almost done! I have been working on it steadily for one week and got a lot of work done on it then had to stop to figure out one corner of it. Epona has a stylized look to her face, almost Byzantine but softer. I have a hard time with faces but everything is in it's right place haha! I don't know when Epona will be done.




  Jason Schakosky ( homepage )

09/10/2010 * 01:13:07

Your spelling of the Spanish blue, your adaptation of it anyway Azool, and the former Azure... led me to a photo on Google, a paleozoology photo of a decomposing alien body that was found in Venezuela. I thought that to be quite peculiar.

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