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Working on Epona

by CeltFire , August 23, 2010—02:38 AM

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I am now working on my Epona, this will be interesting. The background I am working in layers, it will be finished in green to set off Epona's hair which is red and gold. In case you haven't read previous posts Epona is the Celtic Goddess of horses, water and childbirth. I find it interesting that she is goddess of these three things. As I am working on her I am doing a mini painting of a dragon which is almost done, just needs its claws defined, and a picture of my version of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.

I have sketched out an interesting idea on a scrap of paper while at work one day. It looks like a huge ogre shaped being with moss and vines growing over him and he is hunched over and looking into his cupped hands which hold the Eiffel Tower, the Roman Colosseum, and Big Ben. Why those three? I have no idea this is just what came to me. But lately I have been watching Rick Steves travel shows on DVD, something new at the library. I love it! I can't afford to travel and I'm very shy around people anyway (I'm a bit autistic) but I love how he travels and gets to know the locals and shows both the touristy places as well as the quiet places to see. I just recently watched tours of England and Wales, Italy and last month it was France. This one is going to be tough since the landmarks are going to be small, the painting will be on an 11×14 size. I have small enough brushes but I never tried doing something that miniature before. I want really dramatic lighting in this painting. Probably will have two twisted vine trees in the foreground to frame the painting and then in the middle will be the green ogre. I want this painting to make you want to look closer to see what he's holding in his hands. I want trees with strangler figs around them for the background. I'm ready to sleep now, maybe I'll dream about this piece and figure out how to execute it.



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