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by CeltFire , August 20, 2010—01:36 PM

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I wonder if I really need an art degree or should I keep going on in what I am doing. I'm wavering on this issue, I do that alot when I am unsure about something. I'm very impatient with classes nowadays though there are oppertunities online only doing art online is tricky. There is graphic art and illustration. I really like working with oil though and never did like working with trying to 'draw' on the computer. I know people do draw then scan and work using photoshop, I'm just not sure its me. I don't want to start in a college program online and then quit. I have done college, community college, but I can't get past the College Algebra requirement. I don't want to sit in a class for it or take a class just below it when the first half of the math I already know how to do. I've considered working it out on my own then seeing if I can just challenge the course. I do have college algebra books around and a very good book called college algebra demystified which is really good but there are so many steps to remember that I figured out that that's my problem, I can't remember all those steps, though at the CC I was going to notes were used even on the final. But I also H A T E math/algebra. I wind up doodling celtic knotwork in my notebook. I don't know, would a degree help me? would focusing on course make me lose touch with my painting or will the study of graphic designing make my pieces better. I still get great comments on my paintings.




  Jason Schakosky ( homepage )

08/20/2010 * 15:38:16

While I was at college taking up biology and chemistry, I could always tell who the art people were... they were sitting in corners of hallways with their sketchbooks and they were crying because no matter what they did, their work was never good enough. All an art degree will teach you at this point is that you are doing everything wrong. I guess that is why I never bothered. I don't need some pompous art professor staring me down when I have a bobble head Hulk Hogan to agree with whatever I ask him.

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