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Julie Akeman Art Blog

working on new art

by CeltFire , April 22, 2010—02:12 PM

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There are two 11×14 paintings I am working on, both are for different contests. I wasn't going to enter into Artist's Magazine's art contest this year but I just suddenly got this idea for a figure painting that I could do alla prima, the due date is close and fortunatly Lukas oils dry quickly. I'll be working on that painting tonight, the other one I am working on is for the Lukas paint contest for Jerry's Artarama contest and it's a wolf face behind a tangle of briar that's in the celtic knotwork form. That one is almost done and the date for the contest is on May 31st so I have time to work and tweak it. I always like to do the major work first, put it up, then look at it later. I wasn't able to put anything in at my town's art exhibit this year because they had a free dental clinic open for two days, LOTS of people went to that and I can't afford dental so I went. I had four wisdom teeth pulled as well as cleanings and fillings so I was pretty tired over the weekend but now I'm back into my art and will just have to wait till next year to do the Verdigris Valley Art Exhibit.



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