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Julie Akeman Art Blog


by CeltFire , March 28, 2010—06:29 PM

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Here it is, my unicorn Abraxus. Before the redo he was just flat black, a silloute really and I painted over that with purple and phthalo blue and others and dragged white through it to highlight the mane and tail. The curve of the tail is kind of cut off in the pic. This was an old painting that I streached out myself and gessoed it but not enough because the oil is comming through so I just gessoed the back, don't know what else to do. This one I am keeping for myself though because I don't know how well it will hold up over the years. I am going to change from canvas to panel, My Kelpie is warped, and it was bought flat, it has slightly warped and I figured out it is the Kansas humidity here. Panels will be easier to deal with though it is just a little more expensive.



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