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Julie Akeman Art Blog


by CeltFire , February 22, 2010—12:12 AM

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This is a sketch of Epona, Celtic Goddes of Horses, water and childbirth. In another sketch she is with two horses but her arm was drawn too long and her face was not exactly right. I ended up finding a model to work from in Brian Froud's Good Faries Bad FAries book, one fairy was in the position I needed to work from. I sketched the structure only Epona is more robust and has wild curly hair and a ample bosum to match. I have two nude model books but neither had the positon I needed and it was by chance I found what I wanted. I did not outright copy Froud's work, I used the structure to guide me to what I had in my mind. I am just not that good at drawing people however I am getting better at it, drawing from photos helps. Before I did this sketch I did two of Arwen from one of the movie books. I am getting better at placing facial features where they should be. I got a new printer scanner copier so now I will be able to get more of my stuff blogged, sketches and all.



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