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by CeltFire , February 13, 2010—12:17 AM

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I finished up another unicorn painting a few weeks ago. It's a redo of a unicorn character I made up for a story I never really finished. Abraxus is his name and when I first painted him he was just solid black with a red background and midground had fire and a strange rocky formation pointing to the sky. I repainted Abraxus by going over it with mixtures of dioxine purple, ultramarine blue, running white through it here and there for mane and tail. I had to fix the legs and they look better, I am getting more adept at making horse legs. I don't think I will sell this one, because it was a canvas I stretched myself when I was younger I didn't put enough layers of gesso and when you look at the back there is seepage so I just gessoed the back, I'm not sure if that would do any good but I'm not selling the painting because of that. This is why I buy canvases. I will get a pic on here later, maybe next week. We just got ourselves a new computer so maybe in the future I can get what I need to start putting pics on here myself instead of heading over to my dad's to use his computer and ADSee program. Now that I have a computer that doesn't take 15 minutes to get a window open and move to one site to another I can be on here more often.

The next painting I am going to fix is a 'sea horse' or rather a water kelpy, a horse in front but a tail in the back. This is a store bought canvas and the back looks good. The colors are flat. When I painted it I didn't think too much of the background, the Kelpy is blue and greenish turquoise and the sky behind it is smeared gray clouds with pale yellow seen between the breaks in the clouds, I HATE what it looks like and the color scheme is going to be different. The Kelpy will have his colors enhanced, and the background is going to be deep purple and magenta, I just need to get magenta.



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