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Julie Akeman Art Blog

Green Man Wizard

by CeltFire , November 29, 2009—12:00 AM

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A different take on the Green Man motif. Here stands a wizard, a creater and life giver of forest and all things green.

Finally I got this up here. After a long wait I got to disply my Green Man Wizard. After all this time all I have to say is, could I have done this better? Some are pretty impressed with this one. I'm as always picky on my own work. I am currently working on fixing a unicorn picture I did some years back. I have a Fall Harvest unicorn that I had fixed up. I am going to work on a donation painting this winter, it's done on an old wood shipment crate I got from the library before they threw it out. I'm going to paint a scene of the Little House on the Prarie and give it to the LITTLE HOUSE that is just outside of our town. Let me know how you like this green man wizard.



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