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Julie Akeman Art Blog

Working on a unicorn

by CeltFire , September 28, 2009—11:57 PM

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This unicorn I had done some years back looked really I guess dowdy, at least when compared to the oils that I'm using now. The paint looked flat as well as muddied in some areas, and I don't know what I did to cause that but it doesn't happen now when I paint. Probably just more careful on what colors I use. The unicorn is a goddess of fall, it comes from one of my unicorn stories I worked on and off for years now. The background is purple and there is a flurry of some autum leaves, which is probably where the muddy look came from, purple mixing with cadmium orange. I overlayed with mixtures of dioxine purple and ultramarine blue. The color looks far deeper than it did before, and there is a moon behind the unicorn, kind of in the middle of the painting, it was pale yellow before, I used and indian yellow and it looks like a harvest moon and with the background color it looks great. The unicorn itself is grayish with a black mane, and its head looks like a cartoonish unicorn, not badly done but I'm trying to decide what to do next since I do not have a black in the Lukas paints that I use now. I've been wanting to steer away from straight black and use other colors to imply black because I noticed that using black flattens out my work. This is a painting I want to be child friendly. Most of my unicorns tend to be. Except for one that features Abraxus, a unicorn from my story I mentioned. He stands out a total black silloutte while in the background it looks like a firery hell. It's a very rough looking painting because I stretched the canvas myself and when I gessoed it I did not sand between coats, I did that intentionally to get a rough surface. I no longer stretch my own works, I have no place to do it and little time to do it right. This is the first time I have been able to get on her to write since my seven year old daughter came home and I have been busy homeschooling her. Her younger sister is three and has missed her so much that wherever she goes the little one follows. I've started calling them Frodo and Sam. Hopefully I'll be able to get my new greenman wizard painting up by the end of this week.




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10/03/2009 * 21:23:25

Julie, you seem to have your priorities right even if it means less art time. Home schooling is a big job. By home schooling the seven year old you may find your three year old ahead of her age group in learning to read. You have a life time to continue to perfect your art. Soon the girls will be old enough to paint their own works along side you in companionable creativity.
About the unicorn painting--isn't it wonderful when you can look back and see how much you have learned about handling your materials and redo a work closer to the image in your head!--Caroline

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