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Green Man finished

by CeltFire , August 22, 2009—08:53 PM

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My Green Man Wizard is done, only the edges of the painting need to be done. I changed the face a bit when I got a different shade of green, viridian I think it was, it looks richer instead of paler green. I also have another painting done, well redone rather, a still life but done my way. I don't do still lifes to look realistic, the background paint looks windswept and there are colors intermingling. The Objects are a piece of yellow coral, I found out at some point that coral sold in stores are died since they are white when DEAD. This piece of coral came from a collection of stuff bought when I was a kid, I don't buy shells or coral since I found out the animals have to be killed in order to have it in such good condition. The other objects are a starfish, which is orange, and two sanddollars (found on the beach by me many years back) I made the coral more orangy like I have seen some, and the starfish is an even brighter orange with alziran crimson in it and the two sanddollars are blue and white.

Now there is an eagle painting I want to redo and sketches of horses I need to do in planning my Epona 30 by 40 painting. Epona is the goddess of horses, water and birth. It is Celtic in orgin, I would love to get a book on all Celtic Gods and Goddeses since I got Epona from a book of many Goddesses from different lands, something primarilly Celtic is needed for my art library. If anyone reading this has a title in mind let me know and maybe I can find it on Half. I found some great artbooks on there and not have to pay though the nose for it.



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