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Julie Akeman Art Blog


by CeltFire , July 6, 2009—10:39 PM

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On our vacation on the 4th of July weekend I took some of my small paintings to show and my husband's uncle bought two of them. A Tree's Blessing and Wolfish Dreams were sold. I'm sooo happy. I made $60 in one day, which is more than what I make one day at work as a page. I have two paintings I am working on that are almost done. One is a redo of two sanddollars a starfish and coral, the other is my Green Man Wizard. Next on my list is to fis up an old painting of a Bald Eagle and to start sketching the works for my two 40×30 size paintings.




  Caroline Henry ( homepage )

07/10/2009 * 18:09:26

Congratulations on the sales.

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