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in a rut

by CeltFire , May 30, 2009—11:51 PM

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Man I have just been so busy with other things that I have not gotten down to painting or drawing though I have been thinking about it. I didn't get my dragon drawing finished for this years Prismacolor contest but I also didn't have a way to scan it so I could enter. Maybe I can find a used scanner somewhere and hope that I can figure out how to use it. I will work more on my dragon to get it looking really good for next year.

I am kind of in a block about how to finish my Green Man Wizard and I have checked out watercolor books from the library to get in the artist groove again. Reading about another medium helps me to think of solutions to my oils. I think it was Einstein who said that he always got his best ideas while in the shower, I get mine from doing anything that doesn't have anything to do with the problem at hand. I have read about this before but it always seems so weird to me that it works.



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