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spring cleaning

by CeltFire , May 4, 2009—01:29 AM

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I have been busy doing some late spring cleaning at home here but have been thinking about my art and what to do next. I keep looking at my older paintings and wanting to fix then up. I did not win anything at this year's art contest in my town but I didn't think I would anyway. I noticed that the ones that get the first place in oils are usually portraits. I still have my green man wizard to finish and I have been busy with cleaning. My seven year old daughter will be going on vacation with my parents, they have an RV and she went with them when I was working full time and was not married. Now for about three summers I have had her with me and now she just wants to go because she loves to travel. I hate letting her go but then I will have more time to do art. I won't see her for five months, aaaackkk! Of course I'll still have my two year old to deal with, and she is going through the worst terrible twos in the whole wide world. My oldest is fed up with it so maybe the vacation will give her a break. I have two 30 by 40 canvases to work on plus all the rest of my smaller 11by14 to make and any fix up work for the older paintings. I just hope to sell some more. I sold one unicorn painting that I had fixed, it was the one I displayed at the art show. I didn't get a chance to get a pic to show it on here.

I have been reading up on art and was reading one book dated 1965 or whatever and it was on How To Look At Art. Very informative but I noticed that there was not one mention of any women artist at all. When it talked about the Impressionists they only mention the Men of it's day. I'm planning on picking up the new biog of O'Keefe that my library has. Does anyone have an art book of anytype to reccomend? It could be anything from something historical to something on the improvement of painting. Just something interesting.



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