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Julie Akeman Art Blog

The Tree's Blessing

by CeltFire , April 14, 2009—12:00 AM

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Tree spirt blesses the walker on a country trail.

I am so glad I finally got this on here. Not too bad, this is the first painting I did when I got my new brushes on Christmas and it looks awesome. I am now working on my Green man Wizard and fixing up one of my shell paintings I have on here too. My friend from the library took this picture and the one of the Wolfish Dreams and they look soo much better than my attempts at photography so I will be haveing her take the pics. The colors are true, it looks just like it does in natural light. I'm surprised how good my paintings come out when I am stuck with usin the little light up above my table, I know my colors well and can generally see what I'm getting but someday I'd like to get one of those natural light lamps.



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