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wobble eyes

by CeltFire , March 28, 2009—01:33 AM

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The title describes the feeling after working on my dragon drawing in less than ideal light. Still, even if I'm in sunlight my eyes are strained. Does anyone have eye remedies that they use to ease eyestrain?

I went to a Korean Spa all day when I lived up in Seattle, it was heaven and I went all day without my glasses, and didn't read my book till near the end. I noticed that when I left I could see better, before my sight was a little blurry, I needed new glasses, but the spa day really helped. We don't have anything that good where I'm at now. I don't have the money to do that anyway oh but I miss that one blissfull day. If I can make money on my art I would move to a place where there is a great day spa.



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