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two more hours

by CeltFire , March 24, 2009—06:36 PM

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I worked two more hours last night after thinking I was too tired. When I logged off I went to the kitchen and got started cleaning up, and then I was awake enough to paint. I painted two more hours yea! I only have one more hour of Doomwyte so maybe I'll get to painting tonight.

My Wizard is comming along well, I worked at it for about six hours total I think. I'm still reworking the face, might have to change the other eye too. They are spaced too far apart I think. It's difficult trying to get that cleared. I'm planning on fixing my Green Man and fairy painting, the Fairy needs work. I have been looking at professional artists work and learning by looking about structure and emphasis and dramatic lighting. I see a lot of works done on computer. I wish I can find art that is done with oils. It's not like I'm not finding any I'm just want more. I want to get a vast majority of different works and be able to finess my own.

When I paint its the colors, the purity of the colors that attract me. I love to softly blend in the colors on the canvas, my old painting teacher would have an anurism on that one. I don't use straight brown though, not from a tube, I don't know why but the natural colors like brown groups don't work well but when I combine things like dioxine purple with cadmium yellow I get more of what I want, something softer and less harsh. It's weird, colors like blues, reds and greens I want pure and browns I want to mix using the colors I know that works with me. There are times when the yellows are too harsh and I tone it down with a glazing of sap green.

I am noticing the certian way I paint and refining that way. I'm making roots of my green man, the way it looks actually is that they are roots that can actually look like water riverluts, I want it to look like both. I love MC escher and other artists who make art that is ambigusious, sorry I cant spell that word but you know what I am talking about. The clever way of doing two things in one. And that is what is seen in fantasy, fairy tales and stories, double meanings, a thing changing to the next and is one and the same, crazy but so is this complex world of reality, and sometimes for me fantasy makes more sense, at least in the novels the good guys are guarenteed to win.



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