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two hours

by CeltFire , March 24, 2009—12:02 AM

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I did two hours of painting the other day, working on my green man wizard, you can see it unfinished on my Green Man Wizard blog. Reading always got in the way of my painting. This time I put on a book on CD. My library got the newest Redwall Abbey book on CD, Doomwyte. I listened to two hours of it while painting. I don't keep track of time very well, right brained you know, and I listen to CD's usually music but I am now going to add Books on CD's so I can listen to that as I paint.

I painted over that one eye on my wizard and waiting for that to dry, I made the tree on the left darker and less sketchy, I don't think you can tell on my blog on this painting what was working and what's not. One edge of his cloak is all bright yellow and I am going to do a fine layer of sap green to darken it just a bit but leaving a thin edge of yellow to make it stand out from the background which is a solid ultramarine blue. I was going to paint on it tonight but I'm really tired and I got work in the morning. Maybe I'll have a dream of finishing my painting.



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