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by CeltFire , March 14, 2009—03:51 AM

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Today I was able to fix the moon on my wolfish dreams painting. It looks better. I don't know if I will change anything else. I am going to do an arts and crafts show. It's a small one held at a church. I googled about arts and craft shows and it talked about types and those shows held at churches are for the hobbiest set. I don't care it's something to get into and used to being about people. I will be showing mini paintings, have a few of my 11 by 14 sizes and showing off my earrings. It's only twenty to reserve my spot. The big craft show we have is during our Neewollah celebration and that is a lot of money and plus they do a quality check and I'm not up for that. It's done outside and you need your own shelter, don't have that either and it typically rains that time of year.

I'm tired, I've been looking at fantasy artists works and thinking about the compositions of the pieces and thinking about how to improve my compositions. I don't have a systematic plan for my paintings, I just come up with and idea and go for it. Sometimes I get a thumbnail down then get into a painting, or for more complex pieces I work and rework a drawing, anything with people in it will take me longer, sometimes they don't get to the canvas because I am still not drawing it right, and if I can't draw it correctly on paper I will NOT be able to get it down right on the canvas and I don't want to wast paint.

Im also going to fix up my green man and fairy painting. It was dusty so I got some tacky cloth to clean it up. I read about that tip in a book and it worked pretty well. I haven't varnished it so I can get to painting on it when I am done with a few other things. I have been checking my stats and it's good to see I'm still getting lookers on my site. Yipes! three am all ready I've got to get some sleep. I hope I dream up some better paintings.



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