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by CeltFire , March 10, 2009—04:15 AM

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I got to work on my dragon drawing today. I work on it a few minutes at a time, my eyes get so tired. I'm thinking of trying to make that drawing into a painting later on. A red fire breathing dragon, that sounds nice. I want to find more subtle ways of doing dragons, you know other than what is usually seen commercially. I had a teacher who hated dragons and didn't want people to draw dragons in his class, HOWEVER I drew a dragon because I was doing charcoal reversal and it just went well with the subject of dragons, but it was a dragon peeking over the edge of a table looking up at a lit candle and you can see whisps of smoke comming from the dragon, he looks like he's smiling mischeviously. My teacher loved it.

I have been searching for fantasy art online and it's tricky. Most of what I get looked like computer or airbrushed works, I'm looking for oils but not done up in a realistic highly detailed manner, I'm looking for something more expressive in color and form. I'm more focused on color. Trying to find whats out there that's similar to my style so I can see how far to push my abilities, or rather how much further to push to get better at what I do.



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