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Dragon Drawing

by CeltFire , March 8, 2009—01:08 AM

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I don't have an image to share yet but I have been working on a pencil drawing of a dragon. I had an art teacher who did not like drawings rendered with blendings. She showed the class how to render drawings by continually building up layers. I happen to like blending with my tortillion. I mix half of what she taught and the other half of the blending tecniques I learned from a book on drawing faces from photos. This drawing will be put to the Prismacolor contest probably in the illustrative catagory. The detail is very fine. I have drawn each scale, it's an upclose shot of a dragon in flight breathing fire. I hope that I can transfer my detailing abilities to painting though when I paint I don't go for detail but the color and texture of paint as I define my painting.

I have finished up a redone painting of a unicorn I made some years back, seven years actually. This one turned out so good that I am going to enter it into my local art show next month. I'm glad that I found out last year that wrap around canvases do not need to be framed, saves me some money. In fact I'm going to enter two pieces. And my seven year old daughter is entering a neat little piece. I talked her into it. She's the type that shys away at first but then goes into it full gusto. Actually I'm a little like that too. In order to get myself some more exposer in town I am going to set up at a church's first arts and crafts showing. I'll miss one Saturday of work but it will be worth it. The show will be in November, I don't know how the economy will be doing by then but at least I'll get to show my work.

My plans for that show is to have nine mini pieces of art, five or so of my 11 by 14 paintings and my earrings I have been making, at least 30 pairs. I hope I don't get cold feet at the last minute, you see I'm not a very big people person however where my art is concern I love to talk about it, I worry about overtalking about it. I have ordered a years subscription to ArtNews magazine so I can get more intouch with what's out there though I don't think my stuff will ever rank high enough to be in the Guggenheim I like the inspiration. I live in the middle of wheat and corn fields and miles away from art museums. We have the William Inge feastival comming up, never been to it because it's so expensive but my husband is taking a playwriting class at the college where they hold that festival and he might get involved in it. I like this time of year here because arts does spring up for a time. I just have to go online for more of what I need. Higher art.



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