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by CeltFire , February 10, 2009—06:44 PM

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I was asked last month to do some artteaching at the library, a volunteer job, I'm showing kids how to draw dragons. It's a thing when kids who are interested can just jump in and see whats up. Mostly what we got is apathy. Some just want to look but not try, they look like they have nothing better to do. The kids who are there tend to badmouth their art, something I don't tolerate well so I told them that badmouthing is not aloud, nothing comes out perfect the first time and that's not the point when we draw.

I haven't been able to get back to my artwork, right now my crowded artroom has my daughters artstuff in there and I am busy with a clingy 2 year old. I hope to get things sorted and I can get back to painting.

Last year I had entered in Prismacolor's first art contest and I didn't win but they put up a webspace for me to showcase my art. That's kind of neat, I haven't looked around to see what others have done. At least I have another free spot to show my art though it has to be limited to dry media.

I hope to get myself back on here again soon. I have some new pieces and this year at the Verdigris Valley art show in my town not only am I going to enter but my seven year old daughter did a painting that I thought worthy to show so she will be entering in it too. She expects to win, I tell her that it's good to have a good attitude but to remember not to be upset when she doesn't win, there will be many kids entering too. Just try to have fun and learn something.



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