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something I found

by CeltFire , December 4, 2008—02:59 PM

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I was reading my january/february edition of Artist's Magazine and I found an ad for wood panels. It seems to be cheaper than the usual canvas so I might be able to get some. It can be found on but on that site I saw a link to art heals. It calls for art to be donated every year for one hospital this group focuses on. I found the story of how this got started pretty neat. I hate hospitals. It's the smell mostly. Of course when I had my babies I didn't notice, was too busy breathing! But the founder of this organization talked about how when her friend was sick in the hospital they joked about having real art instead of prints. I really don't like some of the prints put up in some places don't you? It's so bland, and I hate the 80's pastel look some of them have. It's so rare to find good art at places like that. I'm planning on sending a piece to them. Not now though it's deadline is Dec 31. I found a bargain at jerry's artorama for brushes. I'm hoping that I get some money this year from realitives so we can pay off some bills but also get me those brushes and sap green Lukas Oils which are on a great sale now. I estimate it should cost around $30 for the paint and brushes.

I have been working on a drawing using colored pencils style from october's issue of artist magazine. I will have to tell more about it when I have the time.



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