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by CeltFire , November 15, 2008—03:41 PM

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Nothing is more irritating than not being able to put my art online. I've finished my tornado painting but I can't upload it because my dad's computer won't work, the monitor keeps shutting off and now it hasn't been able to come back on for a few weeks. I've been busy homeschooling my daughter that I haven't worked on my tornado painting and now I got it finished, except for one edge but I'll get that done tonight. Art is hard work. Trying to improve is even harder. I keep having ideas but I don't have all the skills to put down what I am doing. I also don't have the best brushes, I need kinds that work small details. I'm actually thinking of ways I can manage that without the brushes.

There is always a way when you are desperate enough to make something work. I'm going to try using Q-tips. For lack of anything else I'm going to try that for certian pieces but my other trouble is I'm running out of sap green. I have a Grumbacher tube that is almost near the end. I can make it stretch when I use it, and I can avoid using it by making art that does not require it. I want to get the Lukas brand when I finally get it replaced. Grumbacher is not bad, the pre-tested oils were always good but Lukas has a shine to it when it dries and it has a still wet look to it, it dries fast too which is a plus for me.

I read a cute book to my daughter called Augustine, about a little girl penquin who loves to draw and has to move to the North Pole with her family. She's very lonely since there are no penguins there. During recess she makes a series of blue drawings calling it her blue period. Her little doll with her is called Piccasso. It's cute, and I have done drawings using an ultramarine blue pencil which really makes me draw stylelisticly. Maybe I can manage some drawings tonight. I don't feel that in the mood to do anything but I think I should do something or more time will go by without me doing anything and things are just going to get worse. I just wish I can show more work here.



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