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Julie Akeman Art Blog

New art comming up

by CeltFire , November 1, 2007—02:15 PM

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Within the next two day I hope to add more art to the site. I have got new ideas for paintings. Some of them Halloween inspired. One idea is a still life with a pumpkin, bat, and some gothic/celtic items. The bat will have to be added in with the still life. I keep a habit of sketching down all ideas I have so when I can finally start painting something I have a subject worked out already. I work out all details in my mind so when I do my paintings it doesn't take long. Green Man took three hours but I worked on it like one hour a day. I don't keep track of time well so I usually play a music cd which is roughly an hour and when it stops playing I stop painting. I have two young children and for me it's important to work fast and well to get a project done. I have done a tryptich painting of The Lord of the Rings which took me almost a year to complete, when I get that pic ready to load it up then I will make a post on how it was done.



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