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photo problems

by CeltFire , October 22, 2008—02:22 PM

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I can't put pictures of the earrings I made because the only camera I have is a point and shoot, there is no way to focus it and get pictures of the earrings. Very frustrating, I can't afford a better camera, the one I'm using now is my dad's and he can't afford a better camera. I just have to try harder at getting my paintings sold. I don't have much hope for that considering the economy. I wonder how the professional artists get through this. Mostly I need to 'polish' my work. In fact I have been looking at my greenman and fairy painting and thinking about improving that one. That's what I love about oils, if it doesn't come out right you can change it. I don't scrape it off though, I usually paint over it. I want to make that fairy look better so I am working on drawing people, I'm going back over the basics in Drawing on the Right side of the Brain. Some of the exercises are similar to the ones I did as a freshman in High School. The library has the DVD that goes with the new edition and I've been watching that. While I work at the library I sketch a little on a small blank notepad and I can tell I'm getting better. I work as a page so when I am putting books up and I find a good picture of a face I sketch it out real quick. The proportion of the face is getting better. I should be able to fix my green man wizard after that. I know I would be better at details when I get the right brushes, my drawings are detailed but my paintings are more looser. Some of my paintings I like to be loose but others I want more detail. If I run out of canvas and have no money to buy more at least I can still draw.



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