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Julie Akeman Art Blog

World's smallest studio

by CeltFire , October 17, 2008—03:56 PM

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Yeah I'm pretty scrunched up in there. It could be worse. I have a sort of rack to place my finished paintings on, it's actually a collapsed laundry drying rack stood up on its end. On the left is my tornado painting I am working on. I work when my kids are in bed. I keep a baby gate up so my two year old doesn't get inside. I take it down later and I bring out that rickity wooden easel and set it up for my larger paintings. If I'm working on the smaller paintings I just use my sturdy table easel. I have extra canvases stashed under my art table, which I had since I was 15. I Promised myself if I ever make enough money I'd get something much better and pass it on to one of my daughters. I'm neither one is artistically inclined I might still use it for something.



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