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by CeltFire , October 16, 2008—03:31 PM

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I'm working on repainting an old piece of mine, I've stopped for a bit trying to figure out what to do next and have gotten more ideas for other things of which I had to sketch out. My repaint is a panoramic canvas of a tornado. I wanted to make the colors brighter. Working on it I can see the difference between the new paint I'm using now and the old 'student grade' paint of years back. I have changed the tornado slightly by adding white to the mix on the canvas, gives it more of a swirl on the tornado. It's a loose piece compared to the more detailed works I'm planning right now. I'm going to be doing some drawing with colored pencil for a bit. I'm trying to save my canvases.

On my last blog someone mentioned that I should try Drawing on the Right side of the Brain to help my drawing troubles. The library here has a recent edition and I did look through it but wasn't able to concentrate on the whole book. I am getting my time managed a bit better now, getting the kids in bed earlier, and then have a few hours to myself to paint, only because of the season change I am getting more tired and want to sleep more than paint. The only thing I can think of to keep me awake is to drink green tea, it has enough caffine in it to keep me awake but NOT give me the jitters. I drink it at like 8:00 and I can stay up till about 11 or so. I don't do coffee much and cappachinos are great but I have to watch that caffine level. Once I tried a double espresso...NEVER again, I thought my head would buzz off and I was buzzing around trying to do things, felt like I was having a mania episode. Winters get me down but the fall is prime for my ideas to flow. It could be the colors of the trees contrasting with the greyness. I don't know when I'll be able to post another pic. I have two shots of my teeny studio but haven't the time to get it up yet. I haven't yet got pictures of the earrings I wanted to show here because the memory is full on the disk and we haven't figured out how to clear it up. I got my Green Man Oak repainted and it looks a lot better. So I will be uploading a new shot of it as soon as we get that memory disk cleared out.



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