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sketching frustrations

by CeltFire , October 8, 2008—03:21 PM

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ohhhh yeah, troubles big time. I'm sketching faces, women in profile for a painting idea. It's of a vampiress turned slightly towards the moon behind her. Her face in profile. I'm trying to find a reference photo of someone in that kind of position, it's the face that is comming out wrong. My book of nude models helps with other aspects, like backlighting, highlighting and other positions but the one specific one I am looking for. However I just got three magazines from the library to help. One is Elle, because of some of the classy looks I'm looking for, the other is Fitness which gives me more varity on the woman figure in action.

Some of my sketchings came out ok but it was more for practice and it's not in the position I'm looking for. There are a few painting ideas I want to use the human figure for. A few dryad paintings have been perculating in my head. I can do a human figure from the back very well, actually most people can, it's the faces that tend to throw people off track. I'm fighting with trying to break down what I see into shades and shapes while also taking in the whole picture as I see it. I KNOW that once I get this problem of drawing figures figured out I can do it without so much hassle. For now practicing basics is the way I'm going.




  Michael Mize ( homepage )

10/11/2008 * 23:55:28

You might consider looking into a book called, "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" by Besty Edwards. It is an incredible book that teaches not only technical tricks to increase proficiency, but presents drawing from a mental perspective that is quite fascinating. I've read the book a number of times and the classes I teach are largely based on the text. After just teaching from the book for a semester, without actually going through any of the lessons myself, I found my own drawing had improved dramatically. It's a remarkably powerful and effective book.

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