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reworking green man oak

by CeltFire , October 4, 2008—03:24 PM

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I have been working on that one smaller greenman and making the colors richer, and also a bit more uniform. I didn't notice how off it looked. That's probably because I have been reading The Artist's Magazine and tightening up in some areas. I worked on a sketch of a horse, concentrating on the head, which is a weak point for me, look at my Pooka. Yes, you can tell it's a horse but I end up drawing the horse's head rather blocky. This time using an old Walter Foster book about how to draw horses I got a pretty well shaped head. I have a painting in mind of the Celtic Goddess Epona and she stands with water running out of her cupped hands (she's also considered the Goddess of water or rivers) and two horses at her shoulders. For that one I'm planning on doing a detailed drawing on paper and making sure I get everything right. As for my green man oak painting, to fix it I am layering color and so far it looks good, I'm letting it rest so I can figure out what to do next. Once the layer is dried then I'll do another one and see how that looks. Maybe I'm finally getting the layering idea down right. In that case maybe I should edit out the Impressionist title and call myself the Celtic Fanciful artist. Whatever. Just as long as I can get my painting better.



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